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Sauk Centre Herald
“Sinclair Lewis’s Boyhood Home Tells A Story”
“Interpretive Center Outlines Lewis’s Creative Process” by Anne Robinson

Sinclair Lewis Stories, including:

  • “Cast Gets into Sinclair Lewis’s Skin” by Anne Robinson
  • “Bookseller Remembers Afternoon with Lewis” by Anne Robinson
  • “Is Lewis Relevent?” by Anne Robinson
  • “Carol Kennicott Returns to Main Street” by Anne Robinson
  • “Lewis Scholars Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Babbitt” by Dave Simpkins

The Boston Globe
“Sinclair Lewis, USA: Dropping by Main Street 60 Years Later” by Charles E. Claffey 
“A Stroll Down Main Street in His Centennial Year, What Would Sinclair Lewis Say About His Old Hometown?” by Jack Thomas



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