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Becoming Sinclair Lewis” is a new biography of Lewis. Written by Dave Simpkins and is available on Amazon,

As part of our mission, the Sinclair Lewis Foundation commits to the arts and the writing arts community by engaging in the following ways:

The Life and Loves of Sinclair Lewis

In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of “Main Street”: A Centennial Presentation Based on Sinclair Lewis’s Life and Works.

More info coming soon!!



FOR THIRTY YEARS, the Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference has helped aspiring writers of all levels and genres understand their craft. Through lectures, workshops and social events, this annual conference provides learning and encouragement from the best minds in the industry.

About the conference, Will Weaver said “I think the Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference in Sauk Centre is one of the best values going in the Midwest. It allows aspiring writers to plug in for a day with well-known authors and fellow book lovers. You’ll learn a lot, and it’s downright fun.”


In addition to our main outreach through the Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference, we are in the beginning stages of planning a writing curriculum, based on some of Sinclair Lewis’ research, observation and writing strategies. The purpose of this project would be to encourage and instruct writers in the process of creating literature of all types. Our long-range goal is to distribute this curriculum to schools, writing clubs and arts organizations.


  1. Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference:
  2. The Writers Loft (this Twin City-based writers resource offers classes and much more):
  3. Central Minnesota Arts Board:
  4. Paramount Center for the Arts:


The Sinclair Lewis Foundation has been able to reach out to writers through the generous support of organizations such as the Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB).

The CMAB has provided partial funding for the Sinclair Lewis Writers Conference each year since the conference’s inception in 1990. The CMAB also provided funding for a Community Arts Support grant (CAS) to the Sinclair Lewis Foundation in fiscal year 2017. These funds were used to digitize some of our archive materials, making it easier for writers and researchers to investigate Lewis’ writing legacy. We have applied for additional CAS grant funds to begin our process of developing a writing curriculum over the next two years.

“This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Central MN Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.”




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